Always ask yourself: what is the best you can do in any given situation with the tools at your disposal to help serve the Kingdom of God? And pray to Heaven for help.

“Act as if everything depended on you, trust as if everything depended on God” – Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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In these current times of crisis in the Church and the world, it is a ripe time for leaders to be formed who can take the information at their disposal and use it to lead their families, communities, and organizations, ultimately into the fold of the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts. We have been blessed with the information we understand of tradition and also the information we understand of the current demonic attacks on our media, nation, and the world at large. I believe, I read somewhere that Saint Louis de Monfort (and others) prophesied that the saints of our times would be great saints, possibly the greatest. One key to this leadership quality of the saints of these days would be devotion to Our Lady.

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