After forming man from the clay of the earth God breathed into man a life giving

soul.  This breath promotes the life of the body and the life of the spirit.  We know

how essential breathing is and we know that one day we will take our final breath

and then the door to eternity opens up our eyes to a new reality.  In this eternal

reality we begin to evaluate all that we said and did while struggling in this

finite world. We will all admit to the importance of the breathing but what about

the breathing that promotes the everlasting life.

In the eternal life the physical act of breathing is replaced by the eternal breath of

the Spirit which is our prayer life. 

 “Ask whatever you desire in my Name and it shall be granted unto thee.”  Prayer

is the act of breathing in the presence of God.  Prayer can take place in three ways

which ultimately prepares us for the divine life in the Holy Trinity.  We need to consider

the three acts of prayer and how they prepare us for our death and resurrection.

In the first act of prayer the soul is initiated through the vocal prayers that are

common for the family.  We learn from our Lord to pray the Our Father and we

learn from scripture the Hail Mary.  Our Parents and teachers seek to develop within

us a love for prayer so that it becomes as important to us as our breathing.  It is

the development of the union with our Creator.  We learn through vocal prayer how to

relate to the Lord Who ransomed us.  This oral prayer is only the beginning of the

relationship that our Lord wishes to have with us.  Oral prayer is useful when praying

with others in a social gathering such as holy mass.

Oral prayer possesses importance and will lead us to the act of meditation.  In our oral

prayer we may come to the word “full of grace” and we stop and we chew on this

reality of our Blessed Mother.  We seek to delve into the depths of the mystery of

grace itself, of friendship with God.  Meditation guides us in a systematic way to

know our faith and the doctrines which touch our lives.  Through this prayer we

develop a deeper communion with the Lord.  All people, places and events can lead

us to meditate upon the mystery of God’s fertile imagination. 

This act of meditation will urge us on to the great and most beautiful prayer of

contemplation.  Like the Rosary game where the kids chant “Ring around the Rosie

pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes all fall down.”  In praying the rosary we repeat the words

in loving contemplation of the divine mysteries and we “fall down” in reverence for the

love of God.  Contemplation tends to take the soul into a peaceful sleep which

focuses one word or one act of Jesus.  Our entire being is immersed in this mystery

which seems to bring our faith and the doctrines into a unity. 

We breath in the presence of God and whether we are in desolation or consolation we

know that all is meant for the good of our souls.  Pray always just as you breath

always.  Our contemplation of the act of breathing can open the door to the untold

mystery of God.  It is recorded in the Paradiso of Dante that when the soul comes

into the light of the Beatific Vision the poet loses all ability to communicate that

which is infinite and so far beyond us.  We can only stand in awe of this Breath

supporting all breaths. 

Prayer then is to be treasured and practiced by seeking the will of God in all that

occurs in our daily lives.  This breath of eternal life develops within the soul a

“taste for God”.  Never give up on prayer but continue to press on and the reward

will come without force.  In His peace do our souls find the rest they desire.

Let us reflect upon the prayer life that opens the soul to the Love of God and

begets in the soul the very breath of our Savior.  Mary is our greatest model for

her life was spent in contemplating her Son Who remains her Creator.  Turn to

our Lady’s holy rosary and all prayer becomes a delight and a power.

Let us storm heaven with many holy rosaries then we can take the world by

storm.  Heaven knows this is the only way we can achieve a peace that is

beyond vaccines and beyond politics.  May our Lady guide us into the

deepest union of love with her Son Jesus. 

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Voigt