From fear of the Jews to a red hot love for Jesus and the salvation of the world, the apostles  could not contain themselves in that upper room any longer.  They went without fear and  spoke in a variety of languages to let the world know that the King of kings now lived in them.  The tongues of fire proclaimed the greatest love that the world had ever known.God’s greatness and His desire will now be proclaimed by unlettered men infused with the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost.  This same experience finds its matter and form in the oft-overlooked sacrament of Confirmation and it behooves us to meditate upon this holy sacrament.Every sacrament is composed of matter (physical expression) and form (verbal expression).Within the sacrament of Confirmation the matter is the oil known as Chrism and the laying on of hands. While the words to be uttered by the confirming bishop are:  “I sign these with the sign of the Cross;  I confirm thee with the Chrism of salvation; in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.”  Generally, the bishop will strike the Christian on the cheek indicating the maturing Catholic must be a soldier for Christ.In the sacrament of Confirmation there is a progression according the knowledge and age of the person confirmed.  Many are confirmed at Baptism and do not realize the graces of the Holy Ghost until they mature and study the faith more seriously.  Unfortunately, many go through the motions without any awareness of the gifts that the Holy Ghost places in our lives.  The fruit of the sacrament is realized in an attitude of charity which fosters a joyful spirit and yields peace in the disposition of
the soul confirmed.How does the soul develop the gifts of the Holy Ghost?  The seven-fold gifts of the Holy Ghost are wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety, fortitude and fear of the Lord.  These gifts are developed through meditation and the prayer of petition.  Ask the Lord and He will give thee wisdom which contains all the other gifts just as charity encompasses all the other virtues.  Our Confirmation can increase throughout our lives and will come to perfection in the kingdom of God.  Our best preparation for the sacrament is a solid retreat.Though Baptism is the only required sacrament for salvation, all the other sacraments are essential to develop the complete Christ life within us.  Confirmation has proven to be a serious help in conquering the evil one who is so talented in deceiving us.  We need divine wisdom and courage to defeat him.
In the life of St. Maurillus, a mother came up to him with the request that he come quickly and confirm her dying son.  The saint was preparing to offer the holy mass and so he said he would come right after mass was concluded.  Unfortunately, when the bishop arrived to confirm the boy, the mother weeping announced that he was now dead.  The bishop was besides himself with the regret that he failed this boy in his need.  In reparation for this “fault” the good bishop went to the desert to seek God’s guidance and expiate for his negligence.  The people went looking for the bishop and after a month they found him and pleaded for his return.  He came back and went directly to the grave of the young man and there he threw himself on the ground and wept beseeching God for the boy.As the bishop prayed for the boy, the boy came forth from the grave to the astonishment of all.  When the bishop saw him he ran to the church for the oil of Chrism.  Returning he performed the confirmation rite and expected the boy to return to the grave.  The boy spoke to the bishop in gratitude and told the bishop that God wished him (the boy) to remain in this world to promote the power of this sacrament.  The confirmation name given to the boy was Remigius.  The story was documented and the boy became a priest and then became the successor to Bishop Maurillus at the see of Angers.  What a great event for the people, the boy, his mother and his holy bishop.Our holy church has so many saints who exemplify the meaning and the powerof the sacrament of Confirmation.  Today this sacrament in its original form is necessary to encourage our young people to love the faith and to stand up for the dignity of the Catholic life and the sacraments.  Pentecost calls us to challenge the life-styles which are contrary to the life of Jesus.  There can only be one way to the union with the Blessed Trinity.  There cannot be many ways.  God does not will many faith visions but only the faith presented by His only-begotten Son.  We can and must call Popes, Cardinals, bishops and priests back to the fullness of the faith.  We must condemn this false ecumenism which is leading so many to hell.  We cannot tolerate the evil of sin and the errors of those who live in sin.  Fortitudechallenges us today more than ever before.
Yes, the sacraments remain as the living presence of the Savior of the world and they will always be the safest way to the kingdom of God.  Pray the holy rosary daily for the spiritual common sense to return to the faithful and may they call the hierarchy back to the Truth revealed by our Lord.  May the Pope fulfill the request of God the Father Who desires that the Immaculate Heart of Mary receive the honor of all people, of all nations through the public consecration of Russia to the Immaculata.  This must be done throughout the world at the same time with the respective bishops in their basilicas.  Fatima must come to its desire conclusion with our Lady reigning with her Son over a world at peace. May it cometo be.In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,Fr. Richard Voigt