chastity part 2 (draft) Father Synder and/or Father Brown let me know what you think of this short addition to the chastity discussion to help individuals battle this vice. If one or both of you think it is good, let me know and I will post to main page with Links to it. Any suggestions welcome. God bless u both. You can email me at or call 216-385-1128. 

Some practical steps to fighting off the vice(s) of impurity, in addition to calling out to Heaven for help (most important step), is rooted in the concept of doing the best you can to avoid the near occasion of sin with trust in God to provide help. God and Heaven helps those who ask for help and they also help those who cooperate with graces provided.

Coming up with a game plan to eliminate the item(s) in your life that could be considered a near occasion of sin to the sin(s) of impurity is crucial. One attack plan may be to remove all media, which may have even the slightest hint of impurity out of your life. This can come in the form of turning on parental controls in your cable TV, getting rid of smart phone/internet technology (or enable blocking features that you can’t bypass), and looking straight ahead when in a grocery store line, avoiding any gaze to the left or right by where you may find an impure magazine cover. Prayer is also essential at this time as well in determining what you need to remove from your life to battle the sin(s) of impurity.

Practicing humility at all times is also important, realizing that we are weak and completely dependent on God for grace in battling all sin in our lives at every moment each day of our lives.

Frequent sacramental confession and trying to amend your life (with the help of God’s grace) is a great way of practicing humility and your reliance on God’s grace to help you in the battle with sin. Sacramental Confession also assists with graces to help you overcome vice(s). And also don’t forget to call on The Blessed Mother frequently to further assist you in your needs.


Look later for part 3.