When I was in my teenage years, I used to play in progressive metal bands. I sang, played keyboard, and wrote songs. I listened to a variety of music from classical to rock to heavy metal. I was a not-very-committed Novus Ordo church goer. I have since learned in my adult years how music can be very influential to our souls and that how even the rhythms can affect our emotions and spiritual life. Within the last year, during my journey to tradition, I gave up music, like rock, metal, etc. An article I found helpful on the Our Lady of the Rosary Library website, discusses the issues with rock music and another discusses the great effects of Gregorian Chant and Mozart. Here are the links below:

Rock and Roll Article: http://www.olrl.org/misc/rock.shtml

Mozart and Gregorian Chant: http://www.olrl.org/misc/mozart.shtml

Like all our activities they should be directed to the love of God. This includes what we hear and listen to. I have recently become acquainted with the understanding that there are also possible attempts by some musicians and producers to purposely cast a spell on the fans of certain music. The following link can explain:

Music does not need to be used in the wrong way. Used in the right way, it can help us pray and love God more. A great quote from Saint Isidore of Seville states, “Nothing exists without music, for the universe itself is said to have been framed by a kind of harmony of sounds, and the heaven itself revolves under the tone of that harmony.”

When I was in a very dark phase of my life and in the process of conversion toward the Catholic Faith, I wrote a song for Mother’s day and gave it to Mother Mary and my earthly mother. Music was a form I could express myself in to help express my love for our Blessed Virgin and my earthly mother.

Now, I mainly listen to Gregorian Chant and classical. I may to plan to write more music in the future to serve Our Lady and Our Lord the best I can. Here is a link to a good set of Gregorian Chant below:

The lessons I have learned are that we should choose our music wisely and choose what we allow our children under our care to listen to with diligence, considering the immense spiritual battle going on and being best on our guard to protect our loved ones and ourselves. Used in the right way, music can uplift and help us spiritually and lead us closer to God, however if we don’t caution our loved ones and ourselves what we listen to, we may be leading toward spiritual decay and away from God.

Even going into a gas station or restaurant, usually it is a form of music not beneficial to us, so we may need to also chose wisely where we go when we know music will be playing.

There have been many talented musicians throughout history who have used there talents to serve God to the best of their abilities. I long for the day when all music will be used to serve and love God.

I hope this article was helpful. God bless.