Part 1

Trust God

“We should abandon ourselves entirely into the hands of God, and believe that His providence disposes everything that He wishes or permits to happen to us for our greater good.” -St. Vincent de Paul

Oftentimes when we are feeling impatient or frustrated due to some event or slow down/delay in events, it stems from a lack of or reduced trust in God’s will and divine providence. If you believe in God, you should believe in his omnipotence and omniscience, which basically means he is all knowing and all powerful. Also, it should be noted that God never has evil intent. He is always working for our direct benefit or working through us to benefit someone else. Ultimately, he is working to get as many people to Heaven as possible while still preserving our free will because of his great love for us.

Because God is all knowing, He knows the outcome of any given situation we are in and can influence events to help us in the primary goal of getting as many people to heaven as possible. For example, you may be in a great hurry to get to some meeting or something and you hit multiple traffic lights red; however, this may seem to slow you down, but God may know that a truck on the highway is about to jack-knife and flip over, so basically god may possibly be preserving your life or someone else’s by having you specifically hit a number of red lights on your journey to your time sensitive meeting/event. With any kind of delay that could frustrate us, its better to differ to God and say “Lord, I trust in you”(or better yet, the “Our Father…”) than to murmur any kind of obscenities , etc.

Note: God controls all time and space and either his direct will or permissive well allows for all things to happen;, essentially everything happens for a reason.

The below movie illustrates the power of knowledge into the future (with limited time ability). And it should be duly noted, God has infinite knowledge. of future events. (You may need to go to YouTube to rent video or find on some other platform; however, it is recommended watching. (you can search: “movie next” on Google or YouTube.)