The below people need your prayers. Please ask the Blessed Mother and Jesus to help them and include any saints or angels that may be helpful.

For additions you would like to make to this list of persons in need of prayer, please go to the prayer requests page : (Click here for page)

If you have time to go through this list then by all means please help. If not, you can ask heaven to help everyone on this list instead of going person by person. I would ask that you particularly take time to offer a special prayer for those listed as “top level prayer need”. God bless u.

Please pray for:

Ms. L.S. who just passed away after fighting brain cancer for 9 months (top level prayer need).

Mrs. D.D. who has cancer (Top Level Prayer need)

Ms. B.S. who has serious mental difficulties (at risk) (top level prayer need)

Ms. K.L. who has liver cancer (Top Level Prayer Need)

Mr. J.S. (deceased) and Family

Ms. D.M. who has many diseases

Ms. C.D. who struggles with mental health disorders

Mr. E.G. and family

Mr. D.D. that his book goes well

Mrs. S.D. and family

Mr. E.?. who is recovering from cancer

Ms. D.D. and family

Mr. C.D. and family

Mr. J.D. and family

Mr. D.D. and family

Ms. M.D. and son

Mr. A.N.

Ms. T.N.

Ms. E.N.

Mr. M.D.

Mr. J.N.

Mrs. M.

Mr. N

Ms. N

Ms. B.P.

Ms. L

Ms. S

Ms. T

Father Carly

Father Synder

Father Brown

Father Caddy

Father Kramer

Father Voigt

Bishop Lennon

Mrs. M. W.

Mr. P.P.

Ms. E.J.

Mrs. J.S. and Family

Mrs. E.Z. and Family

Mrs. M.B. and family

Mr. D.I. and family

Mr. J.S.

Ms. E.S.

Grandpa M. who has cancer

Mr. A.B.

Mr. J.S.

Mr. A.S.

Ms. A.S.

Mr. M.G.

Mr. N. G.

Mr. R. I. and family

Mrs. W.S. and family

Mrs. M.V. and family

Mrs. Z. I. and family

Mrs. R.L. and family

Mrs. M.S. and family

Mr. P.K. and family

Mrs. S.K. and family

Mrs. S.S. and family

Ms. D.L. and family

Ms. M.M. and family

Ms. S

Ms. L

Ms. M.

Ms. L.G. and family

Ms. A.G. and family

Ms. S.G. and family

Mr. M.G. and family

Mr. P.G.

Mrs. P.B. and family

Ms. N.F.

Ms. J.S.

Mr. D. H.

Mr. B.C.

Mr. R.B. and family

Mr. J.K. and family

Mrs. L.K. and family

Mr. Tow Truck driver and police officer who provided help around 2007

Father Caddy’s assistant priest around 2008

Mr. M.B.

Mrs. S. ?. (maiden name C)

Mrs. H. ?. (maiden name S)

Mr. K.D.

Mr. R.C.

Mr. D. M.

Mr. M.M.

Ms. C

Mr. N. G.

Mr. T.?.

Mr. M.?.

Mr. J. P.

Mr. E.H.

Mr. H. N.

Ms. Hosts of the R.

Ms. O.W.

Ms. C.A.

Mr. K. R.

Mr. Homeless gentleman found in A.

Mr. N.?.

Mr. Homeless gentleman at D.

Mr. 2nd Homeless gentleman at D.

Mr. K.R.

Mr. J.D.

Ms. K.?.

Mrs. C.L.

Mr. J.?.

Ms. B.C.

Mrs. K.B.

Mrs. S.H.

Mrs. L.Z.

Mrs. T.S.

Ms. C.J.

Ms. J.D. and family (going through a difficult time now)

Ms. J.?.

Ms L.K.

Ms. B.?.

Ms. E.C.

Ms. K.S.

Mrs. A.R.

Ms. M.B.

Ms. L.?.

Mr. N.?.

Ms. M.?.

Ms. B.?.

Ms. M.G.

Ms. M.?. and family

Mrs. K.B.

Mr. H.A.

Ms. M.?. and family

Mrs. K.?. and family

Ms. K.V.

Mr. R.V.

Mrs. J.R. and family

Mr. J.D. and family (newly married )

Mr. J.D. (deceased)

Ms. A.?.


Ms. E.A.

Ms. E.?.

Ms. D.F.

Mrs. R.N.

Mrs. S.P.

Ms. R.L.

Ms. H.F.

Ms. D.G. (who may have cancer)


Mr. Past COO of E.

Ms. D.H. (deceased)

Mr. F.J. (deceased)

Ms. L.B. (deceased)

Mr. D.P.

Mr. P.?.

Mr. F.?.

Ms. M.?. and family (new mother)

Ms. M.?

Ms. M.C.

Ms. D.R.

Ms. L.Y.

Mr. G.D.

Mr. G.D. and family

Mr. ?.D. and family

Ms. K.G.

Mr. A.S.

Ms. M.S.

Mr. J.D.

Mr. A.W.

Mrs. J.W.

Ms. B.H.

Ms. L.J.

Mrs. T.J. and family

Mrs. J.B. and family

Ms. R.N.

Ms. M.?.

Mrs. M.K.

Mr. C.C.

All the workers at S. in W.

All the workers at S. in S.

All the workers at D. on B.

All the workers at D. on D.

All the workers of E. in C.

All the workers of R. in O.

All the workers of D . in W.

All the H. workers of E. in O.

Mr. C.A.

Ms. C.J.

Mr. E.P.

Ms. J.L.

All the workers at O. in P.

All the workers at O. in N.

All the workers at O. in A.

Mr. D.T.

Mr. L.J.

Mr. K.L.

Mr. K.B.

Mr. G.B.

Mr. E.P.

Mr. K.J.

Mr. T.C.

Mr. T.W.

Ms. N.K.

All the poor of C.

The city of C.

The city of A.

The city of S.

Mr. G.C.

Mr. R.A.

Submitted by Mrs. M.S. (K.S., A.W., and W.C.)

C.F. who is ill with many diseases

C.D. who is ill with many diseases

D.P. who is ill with many diseases


Submitted by R.L. (M.B. and T.B. for recovery of spirit after loss)

C.?. (for protection in an unsafe living situation and health for her expectant baby)

A.D. (that she is able to instruct in the gospel with kids in camp and that things go well)

Mr./Dr. J.B.

Ms. C.?.

Mr. B.?.

Ms. M.D. (having significant difficulties)

Mr. R.G. (over 2 years old and not able to speak as of yet, please help with prayer)

Ms. J.D. (just had brain surgery due to cancer) (submitted by Mr. B.?.)

Ms. C.M.

Ms. M.C.

Ms. M.K.

Mr. C.C.

Ms. R.N.

Ms. L.?

Ms. M.P.

Ms. S.H.

Ms. C.R.

The D. Family

Mrs. K. H. And family

Mr. K. Z. and family

Mr. M.Z. and family

Mr. K.K. and family

Ms. L.D. and family

Ms. M. ?.

Mr. D.D. (for good health and happiness)

Mr. R.S.

Mr. D.R.

Mrs. M.G.

Mr. T.H.

Mr. G.H.

Mr. E.W.

Ms. D.?.

Ms. L.?.

Mr. E.W.

Ms. G.W.

Mr. C.B.

Mr. J.?.

Mr. M.?.

Mr. B.?

Mr. L.P.

Ms. M.?.

Ms. C.D.

Ms. H.K.

Ms. M.?.

Ms. D.D. and family

Mr. N.C. and family

Ms. J.O.

Ms. S.?.

Ms. C.W.

Ms. J.D. and family

Mr. C.A. and family

Ms. C.W.

Mrs. S.S.

Ms. CI (deceased)

Ms. RK (deceased)

Ms. L.?.

Ms. T.?

Ms. T.?

Mr. P.?

Mr. T.?


Mrs. D.D

Mrs. C.B.

Ms. B.?.

Mr. E.P. (deceased)

Mr. T.?

Ms. J.D.

Ms. KL

Mr. JC

Mrs. M.H.

Mr. J.D. (deceased)

Ms. C.D.

Ms. R.C.

Ms. B.L.

Mr. R.B.


Mr. T.?

Family at D. 9/16/19 with gentleman just out of hospital

2nd grade teacher who said not to eat fruit roll ups

Ms. ?.S.

Ms. N.?

Ms. M.M.

Mr. A.?.

Ms. B.P.

Mr. B.C.

Ms. J.?.

Ms. Lady at the U. S. who helped 9/18/19

Ms. Lady who helped a G.C. 9/18/19

Ms. A.?

Mrs. ?.H.

Mr. N.?.

Ms. D.? and family

Ms. ?.S’s Assistant

Mr. Teacher who liked Triumph

Mr. J.S. to gain faith

Mr. Gentleman At D. with girlfriend problems.

Ms. P.?.

Ms. A.G.

Mr. J.D. to be able to become a priest, if it is God’s will.

Mr D.?.

Ms. P.A.

Ms. D.H.

Ms. N.F.

Ms. B.H.

Ms. B.D.

Ms. A.F.

Ms. M.C.

Mrs. K.S.

Mr. M.?.

Mrs. C.?

Mr. C.M.

Ms. H.L.

Mrs. H.M.

Mr. R.O.

Mr. ?.H.

Mr. H.L.

Mrs. M.C.

Mr. R.A.

Mrs. L.G. to help with her great work and mission to serve God

Ms. M.D. with her new job and grace for her son

Mr. D.D. for help with his new book and increasing his love for Jesus and Mary

Mr. J.D. (deceased)

Mr. J.D.

Mrs. M.W. who is very weak and ill – please help

Ms. M.M. who has severe knee pain

Mr. R.O.

Mr. M.M.

Mr. H.L. who can hardly stand up

Mr. P.P. (deceased this 12/2019.)

Mr and Mrs. W. that they get well and love Jesus and Mary

Mr and Mrs H.L. that they get well and love Jesus and Mary

Mrs. B.R. and husband that things go well and they manage their difficulties and Love Jesus and Mary

Mrs. D.B. (now deceased)

Mr and Mrs. P.K. that the cope with difficulties and love Jesus and Mary

Mrs. R.L. and her mother that they love Jesus and Mary

Mr. S.C and his mother and father (now deceased) that handle difficulties and Love Jesus and Mary

Our Lady of the Rosary Library

H.O. in K,M.

E.J. in O, O.

J in B and G, O.

Janet and 10 year old son for her financial recession to be lifted and to regain a job soon

Deborah to pray for family peace and love of each other and Jesus and Mary

Pray for Yvonne that her and her family may move closer to god and their situation will change to a positive in 2020 and get out of the hole they are in

Donald please pray he runs a struggling business responsible for 15 families. Please pray for them and help them with wisdom.

Katherine who is very sick on hospice care and is recently unreponsive.

Gerard for complete healing of his diabetes, schizophrenia, and acquired brain injury particularly his damaged memory. In addition for long-term security of his tenure in his current accommodation

A.?. for the speedy repentant return to the practice of the faith

A.M.J.F for speedy repentant return the the practice of the faith

M.Family many graces of repentance and conversion

R. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

F. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

G. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

M. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

H. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

R. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

F. Family many graces of repentance and conversion

D.T. Blessings for him to love Jesus and Mary

S.H. for him to return to the Holy Catholic Church and love Jesus and Mary

J.? for help with her poverty and to love Jesus and Mary

Kathleen to help her mission

?.H who is very sick and in the process of dying

M.C. For her and her family to love Jesus and Mary and to get well in body and mind

L.E. Who has rapidly advancing ALS and is in growing financial difficulty.

D.D. to love Jesus and Mary more

S.D. for her to return to confession and love Jesus and Mary

D.D. for her to love Jesus and Mary

L.S. For many blessings and for her to love Jesus and Mary

M.C. for her conversion and to love Jesus and Mary

D.I. for him to love a Jesus and Mary with his whole heart

J.S. for him to believe in God and Love God

Z.I. For her to learn to love Jesus and Mary.

S.D. To feel better


M.K. Many blessings



L.K. And husband J.K.

J.S. and her friend who is in great need

D.M. to help with her cancer and to love Jesus and Mary

B.C.’s assistant at H. back in the day

B.N. and daughter and caregivers

R.R. and wife




Doug 2





The 2 Gas stations in Newport and Orleans and all staff.


L.S. for many blessings and to love Jesus and Mary

Miss P.


Patricia: Please pray for the things hidden in my heart. Lord have mercy!!!!!

Barbara (to help with stomach problems)

From Lydia: “Conversion – Spiritual – Emtional – Mental – Physical Healing for my three children, 2 grandchildren , son-in-law, brothers ad sisters. Son DR stop smoking, be motivated, lose wt. be blessed with wisdom.
Son JR be blessed with wisdom – heart of stone become heart of love for family (learned too late they are both autistic but intelligent)
Grandson DP also be blessed with wisdom, meet person who will direct him to God’s love.
Grandaughter MT – Ongoing suscess in all she does but most of all success in God’s work for she is not.
Peace, Love, Compassion, for all my family. For me that I may Love God more and more each day – May my faith and theres increase everyday. For Healing of Planet Earth. Increase of people returning to God. God deliver us from evil and plagues. Thank you.”

We are asked to pray for Judy, who is in the hospital and critically ill.

Amy who has cancer please help

Please help C.D and C.D. get the house they are hoping to get in F.

Please ask for blessings for V.

Blessings for the B.C.



D.I. To love Jesus and Mary





The 2 P.O. At B.C. on 3/14/2020

From R.? “Hi : ) Please believe for God to help me severely in all ways He wants to do for me and my situation im in. People of the devil doing extreme things yto me a lot. A man is trying to make me become a devil worshipper. He has threatened me . He mHe said he wont stop but in other words until what he did with satan is complete but in other words. They have tortured me demonically severely. Please dont believe for God to witness to me at all in any way, healing inside, or for deliverance at all. It is so important you dont. : ) Please believe for God to have the opposite happen to me that He wants to happen to me instead of what the enemies are trying to severely do.
Please believe for God to do things in, to, for, and concerning me severely. I know we can believe for things for people and the things can turn out to hurt them. I know God knows complete best. Thank you very much.”

Heidi “Please pray for my brother Matthew, he lost his wife to cancer on Tuesday and really needs our prayers. Please also pray for his wife’s soul, her name is Jean. And for the conversion of my children’s and family’s souls back to our True Catholic Faith. Thank you so very much and God Bless always!”

Steve “Saint Joseph”

Linda “Please pray for healing of my eyes. Sale of our home and a safe move. Thank you so much!”

Father James

Tim ” Please pray for my children and marriage. Rocky times”

S.C. “I need god to bless me with money to pay my bills”








R.I. to love Jesus more and Mary More

Rich to heal and love Jesus and Mary

Julie S. And family